We work on a No Fix No Fee basis for your peace of mind and have a 90% success rate on all untouched Sony Playstation 3 consoles, so you have nothing to lose! Same-day turnaround on most repairs.

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The YLoD and Disc Read Errors are two of the most common problems that people encounter with their Sony Playstation 3 Consoles. We have been repairing Playstation 3 consoles for years and our success rate is extremely high.

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From Us, You Will Get Professional Component Level Repairs For Various Models

For the YLoD we provide the best-known repair methods possible using only high-grade professional rework equipment. We are one of the very few repair shops that actually perform component-level repairs. For disc read and drive-related errors, we have lightning-quick turnaround times and you will be assured that we are installing new parts! Please have a look below for further repair info, the warranty we offer and pricing.

HDMI PORT Repair Service

– Full replacement using the modified v2 port.

– Repair cost included a Full Disassemble and clean of any dust.

PS3 Bluray Lens Replacement

– Available for all Models of the Playstation 4

– Fixes error codes, No Disc detected, Some Freezing Issues & Long loading times

PS3 Bluray Drive Replacement

– Full replacement if required.

– Repair cost included a Full Disassemble and clean of any dust.

PS3 SSD Drive Replacement

– Have you been asked to insert memory stick?

– Fixes error codes, Black Screen, Long loading times, not loading at all.

Console Cleaning

– Repair cost included a Full Disassemble and cleaning of any dust.

– We can carry out a full console clean for you




Many people have used our service and come away very happy. Also included in our Playstation 3 YLoD repair process:

-Full cleaning of Dust build-up

-A fresh new coat of High-End Thermal Compound