Wakefield Console Repairs



Wakefield Console Repairs will not be associated and will ignore all inquiries to the illegal pirating of software. As well all requests will not be responded to as where or how to download video games.


Our Warranty

Wakefield Console Repairs offers a 6 month warranty on all installed parts and services unless otherwise excluded. Part sold separately are all tested and if perfect working condition but because we are not installing these parts they will not be covered with any type of warranty. PS3 YLoD and Xbox 360 reflow repairs come with a 30 day warranty Should the same problem occur within the warranty time frame we will fix it again at no additional cost. If a console is deemed un-fixable within the warranty time frame, clients will receive a full refund of the initial repair cost. On inspection if it is found that the fault lies with us we will be happy to repair free of charge. Damage caused by misuse then additional cost may be incurred. Warranty stickers are placed on your unit by us, if there are any sign of tampering or stickers are removed then the warranty will become void

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Wakefield Console Repairs is not associated with any OEM Game Manufacturers in any way. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform us if the warranty sticker is not to be voided before we begin the work on your console. In most cases our repair process will involve us voiding your systems warranty sticker.

Privacy Statement

We fully respect all our client’s privacy. All information we obtain will only be used for our internal purposes only. If you have any questions or concerns before releasing any private information please do not hesitate to inquire.

Unclaimed Video Game Consoles

Wakefield Console Repairs will not be held responsible for video game consoles that have not been picked up for more than 30 days. Customers that are planning to leave their system for more than 30 days must inform us in advance.

Unfixable Video Game Consoles

If a console is deemed not fixable upon a repair attempt we do not charge our clients. You will only pay if your console is brought back to working condition. If we are unable to repair the console you shipped to us, you will be informed and you will still be responsible to cover the return shipping cost.